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At Dance Act we are extremely proud of all our students whether they dance as a hobby, to keep fit or as part of a career in the performing arts, they will be surrounded by like minded individuals who are keen to learn and progress in a professional and enjoyable environment. The reviews below reflect feedback recieved directly from parents or reviews featured on Netmums.

Aug 2017 - My two daughters age 10 and 6,  have been attending classes at Dance Act Theatre School for many years. They have both passed ballet exams with amazing results. The schools variety show is always a huge success, very well organised and professional, the girls love every moment of it. They always come out of their class bouncing and happy, so pleased that they are part of such a fabulous school! Thank you Vikki, Fiona and Kelly X. Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Aug 2017 - My little girl Victoria, is 4 years old & started Disney Pop almost a year ago and she still loves it as much as she did at the beginning. She's always excited to go and shows us all her dance moves back at home. Along with being a great hobby, it has helped Victoria with co-ordination skills such as skipping and balancing. Overall a fantastic dance class and dance team. Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Aug 2017 - My daughter who is 15 now has been with Dance Act since she was 8 when she started an after school dance and musical theatre class and now has lessons in Ballet, Jazz/street, Tap and Modern and absolutely loves it. A few years ago she was lucky enough to be invited to Dance Act's fabulous Performance Team and has since performed at such amazing venues as The Royal Albert Hall, Sadlers Wells, The Stag Sevenoaks, The Hawth Crawley and is looking forward to performing at Disneyland Paris next year! Not content with that, she now also helps with Disney Pop and Baby Ballet so to say dance is her life is an understatement! I have no doubt that this is because of the wonderful teachers, especially,  Vikki, Fiona, Kelly and Emily, the incredible facilities at The Howard Venue, Hextable, and the lifelong friends she has made since joining Dance Act. We're so proud to be part of the Dance Act family and would highly recommend Vikki and her team! Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Aug 2017 - Dance Act Theatre School is a huge part of our lives and we have been part of the ‘Dance Act Family’ for the last 10 years! I have 2 daughters who do a range of classes & are also part of the Performance Team. My girls have & continue to get so many great opportunities to dance at some fantastic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty’s Theatre & Disneyland Paris! They have made so many memories that will stay with us forever! We look forward to making many more. 

The biggest plus of Dance Act in my opinion is the confidence, skill & team ethic my girls have been taught & that has & continues to be been nurtured by the fantastic teachers. My girls absolutely love it & their teachers. Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Aug 2016 - I have three girls at Dance Act an 11 year old and 7 year old twins; they have been dancing there since they were 3 years old. My girls absolutely love it. Not only is it a fun place to be, the standard of teaching is second to none. All of my girls have enjoyed many variety shows and also done exams resulting in marks I am very proud of. My eldest is in the performance team and they have danced at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and Sadlers Wells and she enjoys every minute. I couldn't  recommend Dance Act enough. 

Aug 2016 - My daughter has been attending Dance Act for a couple of years and has recently joined the Performance Team which she absolutely loves! With various performances at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Sadlers Wells London and the Stag in Sevenoaks as well as fun summer fetes there is lots of variety and fun experiences for the team.  Hopefully we will be going to Disneyland Paris next year too! Every two years there is a variety show over a whole weekend open to everyone at Dance Act which is absolutely fabulous !! My daughter dances Tap, Ballet, Jazz and musical theatre which is her favourite! She describes her teachers as 'funny, kind and hard working' I would recommend Dance Act  whole heartedly as the standard of teaching is very high and very well organised by Vikki, Kelly and Fiona. 

Aug 2016 - My daughter joined Dance Act in Hextable 7 years ago and thoroughly enjoys dancing​, she attends ballet, tap, street and more recently joined modern. She is also lucky enough to be part of the amazing performance team which has given her the opportunity to perform in London at the Royal Albert Hall and Saddlers Wells as well as Hawth Theatre, Crawley and Stagg Theatre, Sevenoaks. My daughter has made some wonderful friends through Dance Act.


The girls work extremely hard under the professional guidance of Vikki, Fiona and Kelly, all three teachers are fantastic at what they do. 

Aug 2016 - My daughter has been attending Dance Act Theatre School since she was 8 years old. She is now 13 she takes Ballet, jazz, modern and Tap classes and has been selected as a  member of the schools  performance team. She loves Dance Act , the lessons, the teachers and the friends that she has made. Being in the performance team she has been fortunate enough to perform in some fabulous venues, the Royal Albert Hall and Sadlers Wells Theatre to name but a few. I can highly recommend this school, it is friendly place  and the teachers are incredibly dedicated to their pupils.

Jul 2016 - My 2 daughters have been dancing with Dance Act for many years now, they both love their classes and look forward to going every week. The variety show at The Stag Theatre is amazing, a very well organised, professional show. I would recommend Dance Act to anyone, lovely teachers, great atmosphere, and my daughters love it! 

Jul 2016 - My daughter Ellie is in the performance team with Dance Act Theatre School, in the time she has been with the School and the PT she has developed into a healthy  very talented skilful and extremely beautiful young lady .


We really enjoy going as a family to the dance shows nationally wether that's at the Stag Sevenoaks local to us , or the West End Theatres such as the Hay market or Her Majesty's or the Royal Albert Hall , or at the Potters Leisure Resort .


International shows such as Disneyland Paris also have broadened her life .


We owe very much to Dance Act Theatre School the style of Principal Vikki Aldridge and her great teachers in her team , the style is always above Excellence! Thank you to everyone involved 

April 2015 - Outstanding performance from all the girls at Sadlers Wells on Sunday, couldn’t have been more proud of them all.  Every time they perform their dedication to dance, the school and their team shine through.  They are blessed with great team members and dance teachers who provide support, fun, team atmosphere and great choreography, in my opinion, is the ingredients of something special ‘ Dance Act Performance Team’

Jan 2015 - My daughter Sophie has been attending Dance Act for some time now, within that time her confidence has grown and she feels really at home there. This is down to the friendly atmosphere, the teachers, Vikki, Fiona & Kelly and the support of Sonia Irving. Since joining she has matured, been able to express herself through dance and meet lots of lovely friends. With hard work and excellent direction she was allowed to be part of some Dance Shows, which was a great experience especially performing at the Royal Albert Hall last year. The girls were amazing, each and every one, and I felt a huge sense of pride for them all, they were professional and looked amazing with all their smiles, and you could tell they were having the time of their lives, what an opportunity for them all. We start a busy and exciting year in 2015 with many PT shows penciled in already. Sophie is looking forward to wearing all the exceptional costumes! and again being part of such a fantastic team. My daughter has achieved so much with the help and support of this dance school and the teachers that run it, they want the best for 'their' girls, so much so that Sophie was successful in her audition for a dancer in Aladdin at Gravesend this year. Well Done Dance Act - for being a number 1 dance school! - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Jan 2015 - My daughter has been attending Dance Act Theatre School in Hextable for almost a year. She loves her Saturday ballet class which is structured yet fun and the staff are all very friendly and approachable. Would highly recommend  - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Jan 2015 - My 3 daughters are very excited about starting another year with Dance Act, my 10 year old is now in the performance team and is loving it, we love being part of the dance act family, we couldn't recommend this dance school higher! - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Mar 2014 - I have a nine year old and twin five year old girls that attend dance act and would recommend this dance school to anyone. All my girls enjoy their classes so much and look up to the talented teachers and seniors at the school. If you want your child to experience a high level of teaching but have fun too this is the dance school! If my girls dance half as well as the seniors at the school when they are the same age  as them I will be a very happy lady. - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - My daughter has just turned 4 and has been attending Disney Pop and Baby Ballet at Dance Act for around a year. In the time that she has been there her confidence, capability and coordination has improved so much. She absolutely loves going and always looks forward to Friday's! She took part in the variety show a few weeks back and although it was exhausting for her she loved every single moment. The whole production was very professional and everyone at Dance Act put in so much hard work. I was a chaperone on one of the days and it was amazing to see how much went into the show.

I would definitely recommend Dance Act if you have children interested in dancing/performing or even if they just need a boost in confidence! it definitely teaches them coordination skills, how to mix with others, how to follow instructions and most of all its great fun for them! - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - My little girl has been at Dance Act since September last year and does Disney Pop and Ballet which she absolutely adores. I have also just put my daughter's name down for Tap as she has been asking for weeks to do that too! I cannot praise my daughters dance teacher Kelly enough and also Vicky for such a wonderful Dance school that I know my daughter will stay with for many years to come! - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - Brilliant Dance school with Amazing Teachers with Such a high standard of teaching! Variety show last weekend was excellent such a fabulous and professional show! Was an honour to chaperone to such well behaved children each and every one of all ages are an asset to Dance Act! Much Respect to Vikki, Fiona & Kelly - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - Excellent dance school! My 4 year old started Disney Pop age 3 and loves it she's going to start another class soon. The variety show was fantastic too. Would recommend to anyone - visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - My 5 year old daughter has been attending Dance Act for just over one year now. She does Disney Pop, Ballet and Tap and enjoys every minute of her time there. The dancing school as a whole is friendly and the teachers are very professional and it shows that they really enjoying teaching. My daughter always comes out of her class with a massive smile on her face.

She recently took part in her first show and I must say that I was extremely impressed with every aspect of it. It was an outstanding show and it was an honour to be part of it as a parent chaperone.
Thank you Vikki, Fiona and Kelly - Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2014 - My daughter has been attending after school street dance and musical theatre with Dance Act for about 3 years now and absolutey loves it. So much so, that she has now taken up ballet and tap with Dance Act and will be performing at Sadlers Wells at Easter! Anyone who knows my daughter will know what a remarkable turnaround there has been in her personality. She is so much more confident and has made many new friends. Vikki and her team are wonderful and I couldn't recommend them highly enough - Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2013 - My children aged 7 and 8 both attend Dance Act since the age of 3. They both love it and Vikki (teacher) has brought out their confidence, they have been in various shows and cannot wait to get there every week. Very friendly and happy safe environment. I would recommend to anyone for their children if they are interested in dance - Visit Netmums to see more reviews

Feb 2013 - Dance Act is the best of many I tried for my daughter Rosie. She never felt comfortable or welcome as she does with Vikki , Fiona and all the lovely ladies who help regularly! Dancing at Sadlers Wells and other theatres is a wonderful experience and she is extremely happy learning new routines with friends she has made. - Visit Netmums to see more reviews

May 2013 - My daughter has been learning ballet and tap since she was 3. She joined Dance Act Theatre a year and a half ago. I must say its a brilliant place for kids to learn and thoroughly enjoy. When I was informed that they will be doing 3 shows in 2 days I got worried thinking they will be knackered at the end of weekend and has got school next day, but I was proved wrong and credit goes to Vikki and team. The kids just loved it and while I was chaperoning I realised it is very well organised for kids and younger ones. Very enthusiastic students and teachers. Well done Team and students - Visit Netmums to see more reviews 

May 2012 - My daughter aged 6 has been attending Dance Act since Sept 2011. She always enjoys the classes and comes home demonstrating what she has learnt. she was very excited about her first show, she enjoyed the experience and keeps asking when is the next show. I cried when I saw her first performance I am so proud of her. The older students performances were jaw dropping, the younger students look up to them, my daughter for one wants to be able to dance like they did at the weekend, even trying to recreate the dances at home. I chaperoned all day Sunday it was well organised the children were all well behaved and professional at all times. They were great at helping each other out, occupying each other back stage as it was a long day. I will definitely be offering to chaperone in the future and allow my daughter to experience the thrill of performing on stage again. Well done again to all who made the show possible and a success. Allowing the students to show Kent what Dance Act is all about - Visit Netmums to see more reviews

May 2012 - My daughter studies Ballet,Tap and Street Jazz with Vikki and her team and is also a guest member of The Performance Team. I cannot stress how much she loves being a pupil at Dance Act and how much she has benefitted from from it, she has passed all of her dance exams to date and the improvements in her dancing are amazing to see. My daughter was privilleged to be selected for a number of dances at The Variety Show, across 3 dance genres and she was incredibly proud of the opportunity to be part of such an amazing dance production. As a parent, I wholeheartedly applaud vikki and her team and their positive and nurturing approach to all the pupils and also would like to mention the senior girls, whose positive influence and caring attitude towards the younger girls is wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend Dance Act Theatre School to any parent who wishes their child to make friends and have fun, whilst being taught their dance genre to the highest standard – Visit Netmums to see more reviews

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