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Royal Albert Hall


With over 3,000 people watching the performance you can only imagine how the girls felt dancing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Mardi Gras Event. 


On the day, their experience started early when the coach left Hextable Dance School to arrive at the Royal Albert Hall where they would spend the whole day working along side the Royal Albert Hall Sounds and Light Technicians, Back Room staff and a number of other dance schools whilst they became familiar with the venue and during final dress rehearsals.

Parent Review

As a first time RAH performer/parent I would just like to say that the experience throughout has been fantastic.


I guess it is only until you watch a show like this that you really appreciate all the hard work and effort that the teachers and support team do.  The whole experience of watching other performers and seeing parents/grandparents/friends and family stand united in their support to their dance troops was phenomenal.


Dance Act amongst a few others stood out well above the rest, the girls were very precise in their movements and the technical side of the dance was perfect.  I was totally overwhelmed by their performance.  Having took friends with us who also attended The Stag, they commented on how the routine was perfect and the girls looked like they were actually dancing rather than running round in order to keep up.


For me it was the brilliant decision to perform their dance in a circle, how very clever indeed, the structure and content of the dance was very well thought out and was very eye catching and kept everyone's interest from the moment they came on stage to the moment they left the stage.  I just wanted to see it over and over again.


Luckily where we sat we had a fantastic view of our daughter and was very very proud of the way she performed with a constant smile on her face, her movements were precise and from what I could see not one girl stepped out of line at all.  They were all brilliant.  I'm not sure if the show was videoed but if it was I would definitely want a copy!


A massive thank you to all of you at Dance Act for putting on such a wonderful show.


You really are an exceptional school and I am glad our daughter is part of your journey.

Dated: May 2014

In her own words one of the performers

(age 10 no changes have been made)

"Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall was an amazing experience. Since the stage was enormous and we needed to re-space the dance, so we practised on a school playing field.


Once all the dance schools sat in the auditorium, we saw how many people would be watching us, we all felt a little bit nervous. When we had finished the dress rehearsal, we were given tops to wear in the finale. Once all the dance schools were on the stage a lady (from an organisation called ‘The Mardi Gras’) taught us the finale dance. Learning the dance was fun and challenging since lots of dancers were trying to stretch their arms in a very small space.


Once the show had started me and my friends were excited and nervous at the same time. When we were on stage dancing, all of Dance Act were performing their hearts out and smiling. At the end of the day we all need to thank the people that made this show possible, also to Vikki and Fiona who choreographed these dances and came with us every step of the way."

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